If you haven't tried this yet you totally should; Pour painting is all the rage right now!

But who wants to make that mess in their home? Umm not us! So come make a cool pour painting project here! 

We have several classes set up just for you with all the materials and guidelines for a good pour! 

 We will supply all the pretty Metallic paint colors and maybe even a splash of glitter! 

Class runs $12 per person for supplies plus the cost of your canvas!

Canvas size options:

8x10 - $15

11x14 - $25

16x20 - $35

Upcoming Classes!



Saturday 14th - 2pm

Wednesday 25th - 7pm



Saturday 12th - 2pm

Tuesday 22nd - 7pm 



Saturday 2nd - 2pm

Tuesday 26th - 6pm



Saturday 14th - 2pm

Sunday 22nd - 4pm



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