Get in on the fun this year!

Mixed Media parties, 1.5 hours you may choose from any item in the studio whether it is glass fusion, pottery painting, Shard Art..etc

Studio Fee of $8/adult still applies.

Pottery Wheel parties, 1.5 hours (including time for cake and socializing) you and your friends will learn to use our twelve pottery wheels and actually create fun and functional vessels for $45/each(plus tax)! Whether it be a cup, goblet, vase, bowl or candlestick holder, make a masterpiece on the pottery wheel. Their sense of ownership over their creations is truly magical!

The Best Teambuilding event ever!!
Group Pottery Wheel Events- Blindfolded!

Invite your friends and co-workers to a messy good time learning to use a pottery wheel! Treat the team to an exercise in concentration, precision and patience disguised as a sloppy and squishy clay-throwing experience.

Relax, socialize and bond with your team over food & beverages (you bring, or we cater). Then everyone learns to make a vessel on the wheel! Afterward, we split up into teams of two with the potter blindfolded. The partner then instructs the blindfolded person on how to make a vessel. The result is always a messy, yet successful exercise in retention, teamwork and patience! Only $50 (includes clay & firing)!

Don't dress up for this one...we get a little dirty(but just a little)!!

The actual wheel activity lasts about an hour (then 30 minutes for food and socializing). Your "wheel time" includes an introduction, then you will throw your items on the wheel. Wheel pots are fired and ready for pick up around two-three weeks later.

Please call/text to learn more!

We offer a private party room that seats up to 30 with an area for food, drinks, presents etc. You painting activity may take place in this room, Pottery Wheels are located outside of this room. Your "fellowship" time after your activity will be in this room (Provided the room wasn't already reserved for another party)

All Parties have a NON-Refundable Booking fee of $35 to be paid the day you book your party. Minimum 8 people.



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