Join us an get step-by-step on completing a pottery piece! Class fee is $12 (+ tax) and will be separate from the item you choose to paint. You will choose the item you wish to paint it on the night of the class. The $12 fee is your "Studio Fee" for the evening. Classes start at 6pm,  with the exception of some sundays. (Ages 5+)


Upcoming Paint your own Pottery Classes!


August 25th - Growing Garden Flower Pots  

Sunday Afternoon - 3-6p


August 28th - House Full of Love 

Wednesday Night - 6-9p


September 8th - Sketchy Cross 

Sunday Afternoon - 3-6p


September 11th - Hello Fall! 

Wednesday Night - 6-9p


September 24th - Autumn Blessings

Tuesday Night - 6-9p


October 1st - Fun with Frankenstein 

Tuesday Night - 6-9p



October 7th - Halloween Cat

Monday Night - 6-9p


October 23rd - Happy Sugar Skull Candy Bowl 

Wednesday - 6-9p


November 5th - Happy Fall Y'all! 

Tuesday Night - 6-9p


November 13th - Eat your Veggies!

Wednesday Night - 6-9p



November 23rd - Christmas Car

Saturday Night - 6-9p


November 29th - Festive Feet!

Friday Night - 6-9p


December 11th - Family Name Santa

Wednesday Night - 6-9p


December 19th - Believe in the Magic

Thursday Night - 6-9p


December 28th - Towering Snowman

Saturday Night - 6-9p




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