What a precious keepsake! Come in and let one of our Quiggly's staff members help you in making your very own clay impression. This can be to mark a time in your childs life or your adult life. This process consists of us rolling out a clay slab and pressing your hand/foot prints into the clay. It dries at our studio for up to two weeks then is fired in our kiln. Once it becomes bisque it can then be painted by you or you can have one of our staff members do this for you. The paint brings out the life lines in the prints and is glazed and fired once more. These can be placed in racks or hung. They make wonderful gifts! Before you know it you have created a one-of-a-kind cool piece of art!


Prices for Clay Impressions:

6" Small - $15

8" Medium - $25

10" Large - $35

12" X Large - $50

14" XX Large - $60

This is for the slab and the firing of. If you wish to return to paint the pieces.. the Studio Fee(below) will apply. 

We have a "Studio Fee" this covers the cost of your paints and supplies.

Adults $8/Children $6

Tuesday is 1/2 Price Studio Fee Day

Sunday is "Family Day" Studio Fee is $15 for up to 6 ppl.