This is super cool! We can melt bottles in our kiln! Who knew? If you have a wine bottle laying around, bring it in and we can melt it for you. This makes a great wedding or anniversary gift. Save your bottle form your special occasion and leave it with us. We can melt it into a keepsake that can be used as a cheese and cracker tray, spoon rest, or candy dish. This makes for a great conversational piece!
LABELS MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE DROPPING OFF, WE DO NOT DO THIS FOR YOU. There is a film residue if labels aren't removed before. 
$10/bottle (flat)
$15/bottle (using one of our molds)

We slump at the first of the month... unless there are enough to fill the kiln at once. Your item will be available for pick up in 4 weeks unless notified before (Due to high kiln volume).