Invite the Quiggly's Crew to your special event and wheel will bring as many wheels as necessary to teach everyone the art of pottery. Participants can make one to three vessels during the instruction, and can play with clay between turns. The potter will bring enough wheels to serve the group, based on what we feel your needs are. For small groups, the potter may only be on-site for an hour or two. For large groups and festivals, we can set up for an entire weekend and teach up to 50 people an hour!

For 1 to 10 wheels, set up at your location, we charge:

  • $650 for up to 3 hours, clay INCLUDED!
  • $150/hour after original 3 hours.
  • We charge a basic gas fee for travel: $3.67/gallon at 14 miles/gallon to and from Quiggly's in Richardson) or $150, whichever is a better value for you!
  • We can bring the items back to our studio to fire for an additional $200

Wheels to Your School!

Quiggly's can set up at your school and teach the entire student body the joy of the pottery wheel! For only $3.75 per child (clay included), you can have your very own pottery program, customized by grade-level. If you invite us out every year, we can design a program that will turn your students into little potters whose ability grows as they do! (pricing designed for schools of 350 children and more)!