Schedule a session on the pottery wheel and we will sit with you (and anyone else spinning at the same time) for thirty minutes or an hour teach you the ins and outs of clay throwing on a pottery wheel. Then, you are welcome to come to Quiggly's to practice your new-found hobby anytime! Clay throwing is easier than you expected. Sign up for multiple lessons, or just take one and come back to hone your skills. Either way, you will leave Quiggly's more relaxed than when you came, and you will be energized by your ability to create something from nothing. Lessons are not "Private" lessons. There may be one or more others taking a lesson at the same time.

For intermediate and advanced potters, we're here when you need us for technical advice, aesthetic opinions, refresher courses, or learning new forms. We also aren't shy with challenging you to explore new directions like altering forms, advanced surface treatments, construction of more complex works, etc..

Lesson Prices:

30-Minute Lesson, (2pcs.): (Max of 3 people in a 30 minute lesson)

  •  $30/person

 1-Hour Lesson, (3pcs.): (Max of 10 people in an hour lesson) 

  •  One-Person Lesson, $50
  •  Two or More People... $5 discount per person

Multiple Lesson Packages:

  • Two-Lesson Package, $80
  • Four-Lesson Package, $150
  • Six-Lesson Package, $225
  • Eight-Lesson Package, $275

Prices include pottery wheel instruction, clay and FIRST firing.
Tax applies to all sales.

To return and paint your pieces with us, it will be a studio fee of
$6 for kids, $8 for adults (Per person, per day!)

 Please SCHEDULE your session before visiting the studio! Lessons are only provided if you call in advance (one to two weeks preferred, particularly for weekend sessions)!

**Reservations that are made for Wheel Lessons online do Put a Credit Card number on hold. When hold your spot with a credit card and you fail to cancel 24 hours in advance your card will be charged in FULL. We will not refund if you fail to give us a 24 hour notice on cancellation.**



Adult Wheel Night!
6 - 9:30pm

One of the Quiggly's Crew members will be at the wheels to teach you and your friends all you need to know to make functional pottery! RSVP REQUIRED and payment is due when you book.

Wheel Lessons